Responsible Syndication

We live in an engaging period of history. We've build online since 1997 with web 1.0, across the semantic and social web 2.0, and now we're seeing the spacial web 3.0 emerge. We're a part of the Ai, VR, AR, and auto-magical future with web syndication we've been developing from the beginning. Building powerful information tools has become very complicated because we simply can't trust people to do good with information.

With great power comes great responsibility.

You can imagine the nefarious characters, the wolves, sharks, bloviators, obscurantists and riff-raff that want to hood-wink, bamboozle, long-con or simply stir up doubt with mis-information that is popular but not accurate. We make great efforts to chose whom we empower with our platform..

Market domination through hyper-local syndication is a process of creating authoritative and quality content that must be backed with truthful evidence. Like a good investment portfolio, it takes many months of work for the rewards to seem worth it. It can take a year or more for good choices to become profitable, to have effects that make a lasting difference, just like with physical wellness. It's not a magic potion for reputation repair, or a lever for popularism.

Thanks in advance for sharing your journey with us. We hope to be a good fit for your best outcomes and look forward to serving your mission with focus and authenticity.

Daniel Comp - web syndication innovator

Daniel Comp

theo:plexus founder

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