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He had repressed it all -- 14 years of sexual abuse at the hands of his parents and their friends -- till one Thursday in August, it all came back like a flood. His entire world came crashing down with the onset of Complex Post Traumatic Stress. He lost everything that most people value: marriage, family, business, and friends. No one wanted to get caught up in what he calls John-A-Geddon. 

In seminars all over the world, Dr. King shares his remarkable journey from brokenness to wholeness with honesty, vulnerability and his trademark Aussie sarcasm rooting in his Australian Aboriginal heritage. This combination has made him one of the most sought after motivational Mental Health Speakers For University Students USA.

When asked "Who would benefit from reading your books or hearing your story?", He replied " If you have been shot at, faced with sudden loss, blown up, screwed over (or in my case, screwed), then have I got a story for you !!. I like to think of my story as duct tape for our collective souls if I can make it, I'm pretty sure you can !! " A true hallmark of a Mental Health Speakers For University Students USA

Mental Health Speakers For USA Students

Dr. King is not only recognized as a Mental Health Speakers For USA Students but is acknowledged by his peers as Subject Matter Expert on PTSD Recovery. His story has been featured in two multi-award winning, internationally acclaimed documentaries. This, along with a Social Media reach of nearly 4 million people, has created a platform of candor, passion, and insight that is literally heard around the world on a daily basis.

Dr. King's non-profit, Give Them A Voice, is the industry leader in bringing 'Awareness, Education and Training' around the topics of anti-human trafficking and PTSD recovery. Dr. King was recently recognized as one of the top ten leaders worldwide in the area of anti-human trafficking, and he has consulted for television, movies, documentaries, government agencies and law enforcement on the sexual abuse and trafficking of boys and its impact as they grow into men. A brilliant Mental Health Speakers For University Students USA.

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